Pop-Up Pad

Pop-Up Pad

  • $ 1200


This is an ordinary paint can used with a Pop Up Pad to hind the production banner underneath.

Pop Up Pad is a clever idea from one of our customers at the KIDabra! Conference in 2013. 
He found a round close up pad that creates the perfect deception to hide silks in the bottom of the pop-up can we use for our Pop-Up Production.  We now offer the perfect size close-up pad along with cutting instructions to make it work in the pop-up can.  PLUS we include a DVD of new ideas for the production of the silks and streamers making our original Pop-Up Production even more magical and an even bigger production.  This small pad ADDS so much to the effect.  The Pop-Up production is sold separately, however, you can use the Pop-Up Pad and instructions with your own pop-up trashcan.  We give details on the DVD and where to find the pop-up can.  We promise not to use the words “pop-up” this many times ever again.


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